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National Safety Week

We are on top leading company from other water treatment companies in Pune Maharashtra. With the help of one top-notch technology and the advanced process systems, we provide an array of resources in the field of Environment, Health, and Safety. With over 200+ satisfied clients, We provide technical environmental facilities for private/public/government organizations and companies across India. Green Solution pvt ltd project system is pledged to keep our planet clean, green, and healthier and to do so, we work on environmental clearance, IGBC, GRIHA Green building certification, safety audit, MPCB consent to establish and get, six monthly compliance submission, environmental monitoring among others.

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Committed To Keep The Environment Pollution Free And Create A Greener World!

Sagar Ahiwale

Services We Provide

We Believe in a Sustainable Future. We Offer Exemplary Service Reliance. We Stand by You, Through Every Step.

MPCB Consent & Compliances

  • Compliance, Consent, ESR
  • E-Waste, Authorization, HWR
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Factory License and Compliances

  • Factory Act, Plan approval,
  • License, Renewal, Safety Audit
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Green Building Certification Services

  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Awareness, Audit
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Water Treatment Plant Services

  • STP, ETP, WTP,
  • RO, DO, Water Softener
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Trading Services

  • Safety equipments, Environmental Data Digital Display Board
  • Chemical Supply
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Our Laboratory Services

Air/Pollution Testing

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Soil Testing

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Water Testing

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Food Testing

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