Best 6 Stack Monitoring Benefits & Everything You Need to Know!
Are you wondering what stack monitoring is? You are at the right place! Recently, the government of India fined businesses in crores for not disposing of their accumulated plastic waste. There have been countless cases in which government officials have carried out random checks, and have imposed high fines on businesses that don’t have their […]
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Admin Dec 06,2022

Latest Government food laws and regulations in India.1
The food business is part of a vast sector and the industry has never seen a downfall in India since independence. There are various sectors of the food industry and all are interconnected. A farmer producing certain vegetables, grains, fruits, etc. is connected with companies producing edible end products or ready-to-eat products (packaged & processed […]
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Admin Nov 05,2022

5 Important Water Testing Services: Does Your Business Need Them?
If you are a budding business, there are a few things you need to know in order to avoid government troubles. Most of these are tests and certificates that make sure your operations, factories, and business as a whole are following important environmental protocols. One of these in particular is water testing services, which determine […]
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Admin Oct 21,2022

Why Is Water Quality Testing Important? 4 Amazing Reasons
Water is one of the most crucial things every sector requires. And so is water quality testing! There are multiple requirements of water in every industry. Where is water used in industries? Processed or packaged food & beverages industry Production Industries- Uses water to prepare their products Dairy industry Textile industry Paper mills Sugar mills […]
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Admin Oct 05,2022

Top 5 Industries Where Soil Testing Plays A Vital Role
Soil is an amazing and free natural resource that has immense potential. Along with farming, the soil is used by various other sectors and hence there is a huge scale-up in the amount of soil testing. Being a natural resource, the soil is tested before directly using it to check if it is contaminated, it […]
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Admin May 31,2021

Soil Testing Importance
One of the best natural resources is soil. Soil is used in various industries for different purposes. Right from agriculture to building tall buildings, soil plays an important role in many sectors. Did you know that there are 6 major types of soil; sandy soil, clay soil, silt, peat, chalk, and loam. Each type of […]
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Admin May 27,2021

How Food Testing Plays a Huge Role in the Food industry
Today more than ever, the food industry needs a solid quality management system, unbiased information as well as food testing that gives accurate results. Food testing is one of the most critical steps in the food manufacturing process as it indicates the confirmation of safety for use. It is this that plays a huge role […]
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Admin May 24,2021

Why Air Quality Monitoring & Testing is Important?
Air quality is defined as how clean or polluted the air is. Monitoring and testing air quality are not only important due to the polluted air that can be bad for our health but can also cause irreversible damage to the health of the environment. Air quality monitoring and testing is thereby, the process of […]
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Admin May 20,2021

What is a Water Softener Plant and Why it's important?
Though industries and manufacturing units recycle used water by removing metal waste and other effluents from contaminated water, there might be a need for something more. To soften the hard water, a Water Softener Plant is a great solution. Did you know that calcium and magnesium minerals cause hardness in water? Be it industrial water […]
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Admin May 17,2021

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