Soil Testing
Soil is an amazing and free natural resource that has immense potential. Along with farming, the soil is used by various other sectors and hence there is a huge scale-up in the amount of soil testing. Being a natural resource, the soil is tested before directly using it to check if it is contaminated, it […]
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Admin May 31,2021

Soil Testing Importance
One of the best natural resources is soil. Soil is used in various industries for different purposes. Right from agriculture to building tall buildings, soil plays an important role in many sectors. Did you know that there are 6 major types of soil; sandy soil, clay soil, silt, peat, chalk, and loam. Each type of […]
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Admin May 27,2021

Food Testing Importance
Today more than ever, the food industry needs a solid quality management system, unbiased information as well as food testing that gives accurate results. Food testing is one of the most critical steps in the food manufacturing process as it indicates the confirmation of safety for use. It is this that plays a huge role […]
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Admin May 24,2021

Air Quality Testing
Air quality is defined as how clean or polluted the air is. Monitoring and testing air quality are not only important due to the polluted air that can be bad for our health but can also cause irreversible damage to the health of the environment. Air quality monitoring and testing is thereby, the process of […]
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Admin May 20,2021

Water Softner Plant
Though industries and manufacturing units recycle used water by removing metal waste and other effluents from contaminated water, there might be a need for something more. Did you know that calcium and magnesium minerals cause hardness in water? Be it industrial water or household water, hard water is treated using an ion-exchange technique to soften […]
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Admin May 17,2021

E-Waste Authorization
Ever wondered how many types of wastes enter the environmental premises every day? There are biomedical wastes, hazardous wastes, and also e-waste that are procured from different sectors and get released into the environment. Any company or organization producing/connecting/storing/transporting/disposing of waste material is required to set up requisite facilities for disposal of waste. Organizations can […]
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Admin May 13,2021

Types of Water Treatment Plants
It has become more important and critical than ever in the 21st century to have clean water and environmentally friendly industrial activities. Most industries use water in one way or another in their processes. Once this water is used, it needs to be treated before being disposed of so that it causes no detrimental impact […]
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Admin May 10,2021

Hiring AMC for Water Treatment
Be it large-scale manufacturing factories or small residential societies, every sector produces water waste. According to the Water Pollution Act, 1974, any sector producing water pollution is required to treat that pollution with the help of wastewater treatment plants. Companies also require to get the processes monitored every year and get the respective AMC certification. […]
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Admin May 06,2021

AMC Services Importance
Every commercial/residential and industrial property generates water waste which is ultimately released into natural water reservoirs. As per government laws, any such property generating water waste needs to apply wastewater treatment solutions. The most preferred method of wastewater treatment in the wastewater treatment plant. The plants are designed depending on the amount of wastewater generated. […]
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Admin May 03,2021

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