An introduction to our Carbon footprint monitoring services in Pune

Carbon footprint is one of the more recently coined terms in the English thesaurus, Unsurprisingly, it is a newly established concept, and has come into prominence in light of the rapidly increasing global warming. The core idea associated with the term carbon footprint refers to the number of gases emitted as a result of the usage of a certain product or production process. These gases generally include the most common greenhouse gases like water vapor, Carbon dioxide, oxides of Nitrogen, etc., and these are used to rate the global warming potential of the product or process.

The carbon footprint monitoring services in Pune focuses on keeping a check on these greenhouse emissions and minimizing the above mentioned global warming potential for new and innovative products, introduced to the commercial marketplace  Numerous norms have been put in place by the scientific community to act as guidelines for entrepreneurs and organizations to keep their patented products in check. Our carbon footprint monitoring services in Pune enables young innovators and entrepreneurs helps to enforce these norms into their products without great hassle. Our aim goes way beyond financial gain and establishing a stronghold in the current market. We aim to improve the quality of living in the world as a whole.

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Why we have set up our Carbon footprint monitoring services in Pune

While it is not officially listed as a metropolis, Pune is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. It is also quickly becoming a technology hub of Western India. Major Information Technology based companies like Wipro, Capgemini and others are establishing their headquarters and major regional offices within the office district of Pune. With the advent of the constantly evolving market, industrialists and entrepreneurs need to constantly improve their products as well to keep with the modern market. Our carbon footprint monitoring services in Pune aid the creators in making sure their products fulfill the criteria of the environmental policies, and that they can appeal to a larger spectrum of environment-conscious consumers.

Processes involved in our Carbon footprint monitoring services in Pune

The comprehensive package in our carbon footprint monitoring package includes the following aspects.

  • Measurements of the carbon footprint of the product

This is undertaken using a life cycle assessment analysis, and onsite Greenhouse gas emissions assessment. These terms together constitute the process of carbon accounting.  The carbon footprint takes into account both direct and indirect emissions. These include overheads such as fuel usage in transportation, manufacturing, and production. This process is key to defining the optimum carbon footprint of a material.


  • Defining ways of reducing the carbon footprint

A close inspection of the production process and product usage has to be undertaken to understand the possible risk factors and the ways to counteract them. As always, the tenets of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle hold strong, but more advanced processes also have to be taken into consideration.

  • Implementing schemes for reducing carbon emissions

The scientific community has already put guidelines in the form of international protocols such as the Kyoto Protocol and other marketing mechanisms. Our role is to enable users to integrate these schemes into their innovations.

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