An Introduction to our ECBC Compliance Services in Pune

The stability of the environment is very much hanging in the balance at current. The industrial age and urbanization have introduced many innovations that have made modern life significantly easier. However, a major caveat that has been associated with this development is the constant degradation of the environment that arises with the industrial processes and the usage of different products. To counter these adverse effects, the ECBC was set up. ECBC id the abbreviated from Energy Conservation Building Code. It is a set of guidelines introduced by the Ministry of Power, Government of India, in May of 2007, for introducing energy efficiency in the building sector. It serves as a yardstick for all contractors, architects, and builders to practice sustainable building policies and save energy in the process. It also provides updates to the recommended equipment and quality of building material for constructing stable buildings and sustainable construction processes.

The ECBC is a set of incredibly detailed outlines, and understanding them requires you to digest quite a bit of legislative information. The property market is booming at current, and keeping up with the latest innovations requires a lot of dedication and constant supervision. In such an extensive endeavor, the average architect may find reading through the fine print of the ECBC cumbersome. Our ECBC compliance services in Pune aid budding architects, contractors, and builders in understanding these legislations and formulate plans to incorporate these guidelines into their protocols. Our goal is thus, to not only execute a viable business model but encourage safe and sustainable building practices for the betterment of the immediate environment on the whole.

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Why avail of our ECBC Compliance Services in Pune

The hustling and bustling city of Pune is punching well above its weight, and giving stiff competition to the likes of the Metropolises like Mumbai and Bangalore, to establish itself as a center of commerce and industry. Along with great connectivity, the place also has an abundance of resources. Major companies and industries are working hard and fast to establish a stronghold in this marketplace. In such a scenario, there is a huge prospect of the property market to be booming as well. Budding investors, architects, and construction engineers are flocking to this place to kick-start their endeavors.

Our ECBC compliance services in Pune aims to aid these young professionals in fulfilling their projects in full compliance with most of the parameters set up by the government. By following the set methodology, we would also be promoting safe construction practices, as well as sustainable development in the area. This would set up the whole societal structure of Pune city towards a brighter future.

Detailed overview of our ECBC compliance services in Pune

The ECBC has defined laws that apply to the following building criteria, and we try our best to assist our prospective clients to fulfill them.

  • The overall building including thermal modifications for the roofs, doors, and windows.
  • The lighting system, including both natural and artificial sources
  • The HVAC system as a whole.
  • The electrical system setup.
  • Water heating and pumping systems.

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