Green Building Certification Services & Consultancy Services in Pune

Green Solution Services

  • We also deliver services in building design and Certification sector. We not only design a green building, but also evaluate its performance for better results. We believe in providing and enhancing green communities rather than just a building.


As an environment friendly company, we take initiatives in making the construction, Manufacturing , Existing Buildings ,Schools , Hospital etc .eco-friendly by providing them with green building certifications. We take up projects for green building certification as per the client requirements for rating systems like IGBC, GRIHA and LEED. We assist our clients throughout the certification process for achieving the best ratings in their projects.

  • Passive Design Strategies-

We make sure our clients get energy efficient, cost-effective and low maintenance projects through our passive design strategies from our expert design team. We provide an integrated design approach which includes climate responsive design, appropriate use of materials, suitable orientation of buildings and occupant comfort for existing as well as new development projects. We provide strategies not only related to the buildings but also on the site which are sustainable approaches like  waste water treatment methods, rainwater harvesting, renewable energy measures to be adopted, etc.

  • Shadow Analysis-

The effects of shading by one building upon another can be either positive or negative. A potential benefit of shading for adjacent structures may be reduction in heat gain. Negative consequences of shading include the loss of natural light for internal usage and applications. This analysis report is one of the documents required in the EC report.

  • Carbon footprint-

Carbon Footprint is the total set of GHG emissions caused by an individual, an organization, a product or an industry. These can be the direct or indirect emissions of the activities involved. It is measured in tones of carbon-dioxide equivalent or CO₂ eg. It is calculated by summing the emissions resulting from every stage of a product or service’s lifetime. We develop a life-cycle Carbon Footprint of your enterprise and help to mitigate it this footprint by suggesting proper controlling majors.

  • Energy Simulation

Energy simulation is a computer-based analytical process that helps building owners and designers to evaluate the energy performance of a building making it more energy efficient by applying necessary modifications in the design. This is done through the use of appropriate softwares like by our team. This helps us in building energy efficient buildings or make changes in the existing buildings for better built environment.

  • GIS Mapping-

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data.  We can map the spatial location of real-world features and visualize the spatial relationships among them through GIS. These maps are necessary as a document in the EIA report.

Green Building Consultancy Services in Pune

Green Buildings Consultancy services in Pune encloses the ways of planning, constructing and preserving buildings to:

  • Reduce water usage, cost, and energy
  • Increases the effectiveness and persistence of building systems
  • Reduces the load that buildings force on the environment and public

At Present, Pune has a tremendous rise in infrastructure development, and so, the construction sector has to play an essential role in environment preservation and have to work towards provable development. A step for this development is the Green Building movement in India launched by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Advanced Green techniques enclosed in Green Buildings Consultancy services in Pune will also address many National problems like:

  • Handling water usage and consumer wastage
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant In India
  • Reduction of energy and fossil fuel usage
  • Preserving natural resources
  • Increasing the wellbeing, happiness, and health of the public

Overview of Green Building Consulting

The most reputed source for green building is energy modeling, testing, certifications, and knowledge. To know more about, Green Building Consulting has launched Green Building University (GBU). GBU offers all aspects of green building educational session.

GBU has been designed on delivering education to wants to know more about green building strategies, how they do, and implement. They also provide knowledge to the area builders, developers, architects, designers, engineers, consultants, contractors.

To showcase some of the green building industry’s efficient practices and products, the Center has been improved. GBU’s educational sessions offer solutions to many of today’s green building challenges, and these installations inspire many participants.

Green Building Consultancy Services (GBCS)

Green Building Consultancy Services in Pune provides a massive range of services that include, Building Energy Analysis, Building Commissioning, Project Management, Green Building Design/Certifications Consultancy, and MEP design. Quality Services of GBCS are beyond the expectation of renowned customers. They believe more on customers as they are the critical reason for their existence. They are top rated because of their unique creativity and innovation. They are more honest and follow actively business ethics in all their business functioning.

The critical goal of GBCS is to create a strong relationship with their customers. Through exceptional customer service, they impress their customers at every single opportunity. Developing a strong base for their clients, they increase the assets and investments of the company.

Our role in GBCS

Green Building Consulting services work as a consultant to the owner or design team of commercial and residential properties. Green Buildings Consultancy services in Pune offers technical assistance on community design and environmentally-sustainable building, building science and energy efficiency.

Our services offer many exclusive ideas to upgrade the comfort, safety, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency.  Our professionals work on all phases of a project from the design plan through project hand-over; and also work on maintenance.  We operate more appropriately as your project needs in a structured manner.

What do we offer in GBCS?


Green Building Consulting Services in Pune offers complete administrative services from designing the plan to the final hand-over of your project.


Green Building Consultancy Services in Pune handle many training classes which are more related to building design, building science, and energy efficiency for more environment-sustainability. We also give training on credential maintenance for most of the organization.


Green Building Consultancy Services in Pune offers a wide range of testing to control the energy performance of your building. The use of diagnostic equipment like blower doors, duct testers, moisture meters, combustion analysis equipment and infrared cameras for featured analysis and testing.

Provides Technical Assistance (TA):

Green Building Consultancy Services in Pune provides Technical Assistance who are experienced professional in designing, developing and constructing energy efficient, environment-friendly and safely affordable housing. GBCS are experts in TA Provider Database to make sure that every organization has correct credentials and continuous history of delivering best-quality of technical professionals. Those listed above have established their continued commitment of bringing justifiable solutions to the cost-effective housing sector.

Supports in creating a functional space

We firmly believe, creating a good space need a good relationship between the customer, the designer and the project. We as a designer understand that as a customer you look for excellent design solutions which are functional, affordable and develop an exclusive image for you.

We have experienced professional to help you with the latest technologies which are exact to your project. Your project must be unique, and we try to develop unique design solutions for your needs.

Customers come to Green Buildings Consultancy services in Pune with a dream, and we convert those dreams into reality. We also consider that a site adds more to the design solutions in your project to create a discussion between your project and the surroundings.

Green building project involves right from the planning stage until the completion of the project. We suggest you bring your design concept to green standards, implement green construction practices, select green products. We direct you in documenting your achievements, in addition to completing green practices.

How we do it?

The professional practice that confirms buildings are delivered according to the Owner’s Project Requirements is building commissioning. Premises that are correctly authorized typically have only fewer change orders, tend to be more energy efficient, and have a lower operation, and affordable maintenance cost is called Building Commissioning.

We also work as an independent consultancy company to help the project owner with professional engineers– with a single expert within your team or with a team of experts acting as independent experts, to make sure an excellent project finishing.

Our scope of work

We help you to deliver construction projects that are perfectly matching the owner’s project requirements.

  • We make reduced overall life-cycle costs for the owner.
  • Through proactive quality techniques, we help you in preventing or eliminating problems inexpensively.
  • During the Pre-Design Phase, we completely involve in designing Owner Project Requirement.
  • During construction, we are determining operation and maintenance staff training.
  • During construction, we do drawings checking.
  • During construction, we are determining the construction checklist.
  • During the Design stage, we involve in checking of Design drawings – (All disciplines, i.e., Architectural, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire protection, Structural, Communication & Mechanical).

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