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A Guide to Bio-Medical, Hazardous and E-Waste Authorization

E-Waste Authorization

Ever wondered how many types of wastes enter the environmental premises every day and what actions are usually taken by the Waste Authorization Body against the pollution?

Any company or organization producing/connecting/storing/transporting/disposing of waste material is required to set up requisite facilities for the disposal of waste. Organizations can directly dispose of the waste or through common disposal facilities. Every such organization is required to obtain Authorization under different acts.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how to receive biomedical waste authorization, hazardous waste authorization, and e-waste authorization.

Biomedical Waste Authorization

What is Biomedical Waste?

Biomedical waste is any waste generated by hospitals or clinics or medical colleges or research centers containing infectious or potentially infectious materials like discarded blood, waste sharps, unwanted microbiological stocks, used PPE kits, used medical accessories, human or animal tissues, etc.

The authorization issued under the provisions of Bio-medical Wastes Management Rules, 2016, is known as Bio-medical Waste authorization. The authorization denotes that the hospital or clinic or lab efficiently manages the generated bio-waste and prevents it from getting discharged directly into the environment.

Following are the categories of Biomedical Waste:


  • Human & animal anatomical waste
  • Expired medicines
  • Soiled waste
  • Chemical waste
  • Contaminated stuff


  • Recyclable waste


  • Sharp metal wastes


  • Glassware, Metallic Body Implants

The Process To Get The Biomedical Waste Authorization

1. Register to the website of MPCB and fill in all the essential information.

2. After registering, you can fill up the application form for Biomedical Waste authorization depending on the category your organization falls under; hospital beds up to 50, hospital beds more than 50, industry generating biomedical waste, cbmw facilities.

3. For hospital beds up to 50, only Authorization is required and for the other three, Combined consent and Authorization both are required.

4. You need to submit essential documents along with this form. If you are a non-bedded facility, you need to carry these documents-

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Proof of ownership of the site
  • MCD License
  • Electricity Bill
  • Waste Collection Agreement
  • GPS coordinates of HCF or CBWTF
  • For bedded facility, these are the additional documents-
  • Company PAN Card
  • Board Declaration for Authorized Signatory
  • Valid CTE/CTO under the Water & Air Act

5. After submitting the form, you can go ahead with payment. The MPCB has enabled an online payment service as well. Online fee payment is made safe and easy. The fees varies depending on the bed capacity, treatment facility, and other factors.

6. Later an officer visits the facility for inspection and takes the procedure further. Depending on the evaluation of your form and actual disposal methods, the authorization is granted or rejected.

Hazardous Waste Authorization

What is hazardous waste?

Any waste that is flammable, corrosive, explosive, or toxic. Factories producing or connecting or storing hazardous gasses or chemicals fall under this category.

Hazardous wastes authorization denotes they are efficiently managing generated hazardous waste and preventing it from getting discharged into the environment.

The Process To Get Hazardous Waste Authorization

1. Similar to the biomedical waste authorization process, you need to go to the website and select the hazardous waste authorization form.

2. After filling the form, attach all the requisite documents. Following are the necessary documents for hazardous waste authorization-

  • Consent to establish granted by the State Pollution Control Board under the Water and the Air Act, 1981.
  • Consent to operate is granted by the State Pollution Control Board under the Water and Air Prevention and Control of Pollution Act, 1981.
  • A self-certified compliance report in context with effluent, emission standards, and the conditions. This is applicable in case of renewal.

The authorities will meticulously scrutinize the application and may even visit the facility if required. If the form is proper, the Authorization will be granted.

E-waste Authorization

What is e-waste authorisation?

E-waste is any discarded electronic appliances and equipment such as used lead-acid batteries and radioactive wastes. Any organization that is a dismantler or recycler of e-waste is eligible for the authorization.

The authorization denotes that the organization is taking required precautions to recycle or dispose of the e-waste.

The process to get e-waste authorization

Similar to the above two authorization processes, you need to go to the website and select the e-waste authorization form.

Along with the essential information, you need to submit documents as well;

  • Consent to establish granted by state pollution control board
  • Consent to operate granted by state pollution control board
  • Certificate of registration issued by the district industries center.
  • Valid proof of the installed capacity of plant and machinery
  • Proprietor Adhaar Card
  • Proprietor PAN Card
  • GST Certificate
  • Rent/Lease/proof of ownership of the site
  • Electricity Bill

Similar to the above 2 processes, the concerned authorities will scrutinize the application. If the form is proper, the Authorization will be granted.


If your company generates or handles any of these wastes or all these wastes, you need to apply for authorization at the earliest. We recommend that you hire professionals to look after all the legalities and let the experts help you in getting the required authorizations in a hassle-free way. Green Solution is one of the renowned service providers in Pune. The company has helped many organizations and industries get required authorizations in the least possible time. Click here to know more.

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