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Latest Government food laws and regulations in India

Latest Government food laws and regulations in India.1

The food business is part of a vast sector and the industry has never seen a downfall in India since independence. There are various sectors of the food industry and all are interconnected. A farmer producing certain vegetables, grains, fruits, etc. is connected with companies producing edible end products or ready-to-eat products (packaged & processed foods). As per the Indian Government’s food laws and regulations, Companies producing packaged or processed food are required to

  • Test the food products as per the domestic standards
  • Test the food products as per the international standards for export purposes
  • Test the raw materials used in the preparation of the products
  • Test the quality of products to ensure no contamination is present in the end-product

Since every packaged & processed food item that contains perishable goods requires additives, & pesticides, it has to be monitored regularly.

When it comes to food testing, the industry has been facing umpteen challenges regarding the quality of food products & the ultimate effects after consuming those products. Securing the food laws in India, Food Safety Index Report 2021-2022 generated by FSSAI states that Tamil Nadu holds the first rank, Gujarat on the 2nd rank, Maharashtra on the 3rd rank, & Andhra Pradesh on the last rank in the list of Index Rankings for the Large States.

The concern of the rising health effects of ultra-processed foods is predominantly affecting the rate of health issues in India. These food items are high in sugar & salt and may increase the risk of chronic diseases. Addressing this issue, the Indian Government is soon set to launch a ‘Health Star Rating’ (HSR) compulsion on all processed & packaged food. The study by the IIM-Ahmedabad identified the higher content of certain ingredients in every packaged food item influencing the health benefits of these products & raising concerns about the food laws in India.

As per the food laws and regulations by the Government of India, every packaged food item will be required to display the ratings from ½ to 5 stars at the Front Of Package Labeling (FOPL). The rating on the FOPL of every food item will be dependent on the content of salt, sugar, & fat. Considering the increasing epidemic of lifestyle diseases, more than 22 organizations obeying food laws & regulations; including the Public Health Foundation of India, the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, and the Center for Science and Environment are proposing to implement this law at the earliest.

This rule might likely get implemented soon in India and here is what food product brands can do about it:
Getting the food tested by a NABL accredited Laboratory can assure companies about their food product’s quality. The test reports not only showcases how good the product is for consumers but also identify harmful components & assist companies to change the ingredients or their contents to make it achieve better ratings for HSR.

Since all the products will be having these ratings displayed upfront on the front side of the packaging, consumers will become more conscious of the adversity & select the products wisely. Hence, it is going to be an important factor for brands to get the food testing conducted regularly by a NABL accredited lab.

Food testing labs conduct multiple tests that are required under the food laws in India-

  • Regulatory analysis of food and agro items
  • Assistance in Nutritional labeling
  • Food safety evaluations
  • Trace analysis
  • Shelf-life studies

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Admin November 5, 2022

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