MPCB registration

MPCB registration

Pollution is one of the most concerned problems of this world in these days. And especially when we talk about India and their developed areas then these areas are much effected from the pollutions. No matter what type of pollution it is people is experiencing it everywhere from air available to breathe to water to drink. And only we are responsible for these pollutions.
Due to change in the lifestyle the level and type of waste also increases which includes non-recyclable products which eventually effect the environment.


This is the reason why Maharashtra Pollution control board decided to take some serious steps. In this article, we will discuss why you should consider for MPCB registration but first let’s have an introduction about the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.

About MPCB

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) is implementing various environmental legislation from the state of Maharashtra, chiefly such as Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981, Water (Cess) Act, 1977 and some of the provisions under Environmental (Protection) Act, 1986 and the rules framed there under such as, Biomedical Waste (M&H) Rules, 1998, Hazardous Waste (M&H) Rules, 2000, Municipal Solid Waste Rules, 2000 etc.. MPCB is working under the regulatory administration of Environment Department of Government of Maharashtra.
A portion of the significant highlights of MPCB are;
•To arrange the total application for the anticipation, control or reduction of contamination and secure executions.
•To assemble and disperse data concerning contamination and the avoidance, control or reduction.
•To investigate sewage or exchange pro-fluent treatment and transfer offices, and air contamination control strategies and furthermore to survey projects, detail or any extra data about the treatment plants, transfer techniques, and air contamination control frameworks in connection to the endorsement conceded.
•Enhance the awareness regarding pollution control in various industries and people to make a healthy environment.
•To train and direct the business people in upgrading condition by showing proper contamination control innovation and procedures.
•Production of open mindfulness in regards to the crisp and solid environment and going to the overall population grumblings concerning contamination.

Why you need MPCB registration?

Any industry is dedicated to producing some waste like hospitals has medical waste, IT industry produces e-waste, manufacturing industries produce chemicals in the form of waste. This is the reason why MPCB took a step and take all the responsibilities to handle the pollution by instructing some hard guidelines for the industries. And this is the reason why the companies or industries need to make MPCB registration under their particular consent.
According to Water (P and CP) Act, 1974 and Air (P and CP) Act, 1981 all industries have to use severages for the waste disposal or they must use some other waste disposal methods which don’t affect the environment. IN the case of air contamination industries are recommended to make the chimneys as high as they can and there is a proper guideline for the length of chimneys.

Moreover, any business organization or industry is itself responsible to take care of the dangerous waste material and if they don’t have MPCB registration and they are demolishing the guidelines provided by the board then the board can take strict actions against them. The rule was revised in the year 2000 and it is same till now.
In the case of hospitals, the responsibility of disposal of biomedical waste is upon hospital it and they are bounded to use the safest method for that.

What is the role of MPCB Consent?

The theory behind setting down standards is essentially due to the understanding that minimal contamination is quite inevitable in the manufacturing procedure. The environment can absorb the minimum quantity of pollution with no severe negative effect. But if that exceeds a certain limit, then the harm to the environment can’t be prevented. The standards are fixed in the brink, in which the pollutants discharged by the manufacturing process don’t result in such a circumstance. Quite simply the standards are determined to include the release of pollutant to the environment and thereby safeguard the general quality of surroundings.

Categories of MPCB Registration

MPCB make it easy for the industries to file their consent applications by dividing them into different categories. In this section, we will list all the applications in different categories so that you can get a clear picture and apply for the right category.

There are 3 sorts of permission issued under the provisions of Water (P & CP) Act 1974 and Air (P & CP) Act, 1981.
· Consent to Launch: Each of the businesses and activities needing permission must obtain permission to set before the actual commencement of these works for establishing the industry/activity.
· Consent to Run: This permission has to be taken before the actual commencement of manufacturing such as trial production. This approval is valid for a specific length.
· Renewal of Consent to Run: The permission to function is revived after a certain interval.

Fee Structure for MPCB registration

The charges or fee for approval under the Water & Air Act are payable on the capital expense of this business (like land, construction, and machinery with no depreciation). This information is offered from the consent/authorization process section of this site.
The businesses may also pay fees for a longer duration up to five terms for permission to Operate. The charges for authorization under a squander (M&H) Rules, 1998 are connected to the bed capacity of the hospital. This is also given in the consent/authorization process section of this site. The charges are payable in the form of DD in Sub-Regional offices of the Board as well as the filled application form.


Maharashtra Pollution Control Board is concentrating properly on the various things they can do to reduce or control the pollution in Maharashtra. And they are also expecting the same response from the people as well in the same field. So it is advised to the industries to take this seriously and make their company’s MPCB registrations and contribute to the pollution control. For any further queries and feedbacks feel free to contact us.