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Pursuing Green Throughout the Building Lifecycle

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Pursuing green during the design and construction stage alone is not sufficient. This is like saying I have graduated from a top-ranked school, and that alone should guarantee my performance over my entire career!!

Time and again we have seen cases of buildings that were “green” during the design and construction stage, but becoming “light green” or “yellow” after a few years of operations. So, whose problem is this really? Is it the building owner’s problem? Or, is it the problem of the tenants or occupants of this space? Or, is it really the problem of the facility managers, who are operating and maintaining the building? It doesn’t matter whose problem it is, one thing is for sure – it is a “problem.”

Our experience has been that building performance can be realized only when sustainability is addressed in design, construction, operations & maintenance and occupant usage stages.

Sustainability at various stages encompassing the entire building lifecycle is depicted in this figure. This has to be addressed at all stages to ensure the desired performance from built spaces.

Admin March 20, 2019

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