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Water Softner Plant
Though industries and manufacturing units recycle used water by removing metal waste and other effluents from contaminated water, there might be a need for something more. Did you know that calcium and magnesium minerals cause hardness in water? Be it industrial water or household water, hard water is treated using an ion-exchange technique to soften […]
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Admin May 17,2021

Types of Water Treatment Plants
It has become more important and critical than ever in the 21st century to have clean water and environmentally friendly industrial activities. Most industries use water in one way or another in their processes. Once this water is used, it needs to be treated before being disposed of so that it causes no detrimental impact […]
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Admin May 10,2021

Wastewater Treatment Importance
Though India is a farmers land, many places in India face the issue of drought every year. Water waste left untreated is one of the major reasons behind water scarcity. Water waste is generated from industrial waste, residential waste, environmental waste, and much more. The majority of wastewater is generated from residences and commercial/industrial establishments. […]
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Admin Apr 29,2021