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Why Is Water Quality Testing Important? 4 Amazing Reasons

Why Is Water Quality Testing Important? 4 Amazing Reasons

Water is one of the most crucial things every sector requires. And so is water quality testing! There are multiple requirements of water in every industry.

Where is water used in industries?

  • Processed or packaged food & beverages industry
  • Production Industries- Uses water to prepare their products
  • Dairy industry
  • Textile industry
  • Paper mills
  • Sugar mills & refineries
  • Oil & gas industries
  • Chemical & Medicine industries
  • Residential industry
  • Hotels & restaurants industries
  • Agriculture industry

The quality of water plays a crucial role as it is directly related to the production process of products. In some products such as the Processed or Packaged food & beverages industry, water is an important ingredient and it has to be of industry-best quality.

In other industries mentioned above, the water quality directly affects the quality of final products. Also, in many industries, water is majorly used in cooling the types of machinery & equipment used in the production of end products. If the water is contaminated, it affects the life of that equipment.

India being #2 in the world population, has been declared water-stressed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). There have been many cases in the past decade where contaminated or polluted water has caused major catastrophic scenarios.

A case study states that Chandigarh, City Beautiful, is a pre-planned & smartly designed city. At the time of building the city, the freshwater storage was enough for the entire city. Gradually when the city population started growing, the water demand increased eventually. The importance of water quality requirements raised for basic requirements such as drinking water & household usage to industrial requirements.

Since the city started experiencing a scarcity of water, the governing bodies decided to deploy water from 2 sources to Chandigarh; Surface water from Bhakra Main Canal tapped at Kajauli and under-surface water- The municipal corporation of Chandigarh.

Due to multiple small villages & factories located nearby the water sources, in 2017, the city corporation noticed the mixture of drinking water & sewage wastewater causing severe cases of different diseases. This water was supplied all over the city in Hospitals, Hotels, Residential Areas, Businesses using fresh water for preparing their products, etc. affecting people due to harmful contaminants.

The use case showcases the importance of regular & genuine water quality testing.

Here is another recent case

In the state of Kerala, 2 recent cases of Norovirus are found and it is examined that the virus spreads through contaminated water & food. It is diarrhea-inducing & State Health Minister Veena George said the disease is highly contagious. Government urges all the industries to get the water tested & purified before using it to control the spread of Norovirus.

All these case studies & latest news indicate how vital it is to test the water used in industries. Here are some important reasons why companies must test the water used in any process:

4 Reasons Why Water Quality Testing Is Important

1. Avoid Government fines

The very first reason companies should consider the adversity of not testing the water by a trusted NABL accredited lab is government fines. Depending on the scale of your business, the consequences it may cause to the products & consumers, the level of contamination, etc. decides the fines.

Government has strict policies as India stands in the 3rd position for most polluted water in the World. To avoid all these fines & legal penalties, companies must consider associating with NABL accredited labs for accurate & reliable water quality testing services.

2. How does your end product get affected due to the contaminated water

Is your company using water to cool equipment? Considering the cost & importance of each piece of equipment, it is needless to say that if contaminated water is used, it might have adverse effects on the life of the equipment.

If your food & beverages company is using contaminated water without testing & purifying it, it is likely to contaminate the end products as well. In the food & beverage industry, water is an important ingredient and has to be checked regularly. Right from the elements present in the water to the source of that water supply, it is recommended to check every aspect of the quality of water.

For Agricultural purposes, any water supplied to the farms has to be tested & quality assured. Similar to soil testing, water quality testing in the Agriculture industry is equally important. The quality of water decides the quality of your farm production.

3. Brand image gets hampered

If polluted or poor-quality water is used in the production of your final product, there are good chances of water affecting the quality of the final product. Such cases might hamper your brand’s public image. Right from wholesalers reselling your products to consumers consuming those products might get influenced by the act.

4. Cost

The most important reason to never ignore the importance of water quality testing is the cost associated with it. There are direct and indirect costs associated with water quality testing. For instance, if water is used in cooling the expensive equipment & it causes any damage, the cost of repairing the damage will be incurred.

The cost of products gone bad due to polluted water, the cost of crops gone bad due to contamination of water, the cost of poor quality end-products, etc. will be incurred. Another cost associated with non-tested water is the cost of purifying the water.


If you are looking for a solution to prevent all the costs mentioned above & avoid the legal penalties applied by the Government of India, contact Green Solution. GreenSolution Enviro And Agro Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is a branch of Green Solution, a NABL accredited lab in Pune. We have been catering to more than 250 industries all over Pune & nearby suburbs and are expanding our reach. Contact us for a free consultation & quality water quality testing.

Admin October 5, 2022

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